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Massage by definition means; manipulate to give a more acceptable result. In a session we might use 2 or 3 different massage styles because we are focused on providing the results you want!

"Deep Tissue Massages for People Who Love Deep Tissue Massages."
- Pro Balanced Wellness Client

Intro Massage Experience: 

- Discovery Questions to best find the style you need 

- Movement & Muscle Assessments (if needed) to see which muscles may be giving you issues

- Recommendations on the best stretches & exercises you need to feel the best possible & keep up with your results

-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, why charge you if you aren't satisfied? 

The Story of 
Pro Balanced Wellness Massage Therapy

Hi! My name is Doug Yannessa, the owner of Pro Balanced Wellness. In 2014 I created Pro Balanced Wellness to be a place where you could get the attention you and your muscles deserve! My sessions don't end on the table, chances are you came in with some issues that'll need some home care. My fitness background allows me to recommend exercises to do between sessions to see greater results! 

Graduating Massage school in 2012 I spent most of my time furthering my education by becoming a medical massage practitioner,  certified in trigger point therapy, and advanced deep tissue techniques. Listening and understanding my clients needs is the foundation Pro Balanced Wellness was built on top of and I prefer to get as much info as I can before starting each session to ensure we are both on the same page. I can't wait to meet you for our first session!

In Great Health, 

Doug Yannessa 


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