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Our Custom Personal Training Programs are designed to give YOU the best shot possible at feeling stronger & more confident in your every day life!

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 We take pride in setting the standard in Kennesaw for Health & Fitness Professionals as one of the longest tenured Fitness Studios our city has adopted. 


  • 100% Custom & Fully Comprehensive Programs 

We designed a 7-10 Day on boarding process that delivers everything you need to be successful on your program: In person workouts, at home workouts, nutrition needs, and self care habits. All included. 

  • Progress & Periodization 

Our clients LOVE the variety of exercises and workout styles, by changing these variables we help you progress faster!

  • Support, Accountability, & Client Care 

If there was one thing that separates us from other trainers, it's our ability to listen and evolve based on your needs. That's why it's called "personal" training, and it's an honor to hold that position in your program. 

Owners, Doug & Stephanie Yannessa 

A combined 20+ years as Fitness Professionals in Kennesaw

Check out what our clients are saying... 

I went in to meet with Doug the first week of January. I'm 45 and I wanted to start feeling better and drop some lbs. He got me on a great plan. I worked with him twice a week for about 3 months. I feel better than I have in 10 years. My energy level is so much higher than it was. Even after I finished our sessions, he wrote up a plan I can easily do at home. Highly recommended.

- Pro Balanced Wellness Client 


Doug has been awesome to work with the last 3 months for personal training. I got to a point in my life where I had enough of my own complaining and needed to take things to the next level. Doug has pushed me mentally and physically throughout the process. If I need additional help outside of our scheduled sessions, I can reach out to him and he responds within that day. I look forward to the next 3 months with him and what I can accomplish with his guidance. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a life style change.

- Pro Balanced Wellness Client 


I've been going to Pro Balanced Wellness since January, both for personal training and massage. 6.5 months on I am still a very happy client. Doug is professional, up-beat and motivating. He has the knowledge and the ability to transfer that knowledge to his clients. He customizes each workout to support individual goals. If you're tired of big box, one-size-fits-all type "personal training," Doug Yanessa is the personal trainer for you.

- Pro Balanced Wellness Client


How it works... 

We currently offer 16 Week, 32 Week, and 64 Week Fitness Programs. Before the program itself starts we take you through our unique on boarding process. Truth be told, no other studio spends time on goal setting, assessments, health history, and nutrition like we do and that doesn't even cover our planning/ designing process that is going on behind the scenes during this time. The great part is we've seen a massive increase in results not only during the on boarding process but throughout a program starting each client this way. At the conclusion of your on boarding process we lay your whole program out and discuss what will be happening over the next several weeks as well as our expectations for you and reconfirm your expectations of us. Once we have our program kicked off we will do reassessments every 8 weeks but we will talk 3-5x a week to hold you accountable as well as point out different areas of improvement without even stepping foot on the scale. Your next step is applying! We are a private studio and space is limited so I encourage you to inquire soon! 

Check out this Free Guide on how to design your own meal plan complimentary of Pro Balanced Wellness.