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Our Programs are tailored to meet the unique goals, body type, and lifestyle of each individual. 

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To see improvement in your overall health and fitness, focus on various workout modalities that can increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance. By incorporating these different exercises into your routine, you can feel amazing while achieving your fitness goals. 

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Our weight loss and transformation programs incorporate progressive fitness and nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals of losing fat, building muscle, or both. We no longer rely solely on cardio, resistance training, and the concept of calories in vs calories out. 

If you have concerns about your body's susceptibility to injury, corrective exercise programs can help. These programs are designed to be low impact and focus on targeting your tight or weak muscles. By improving posture, preventing injury, and increasing strength, these programs can help you overcome these challenges and start a program with confidence. 


Not Sure What Program is Right For You? 

Lets jump on a call! My name is Doug Yannessa, the Owner of Pro Balanced Wellness! In one short 12 Minute Phone Consultation we can find out if we are a good fit, and we can start getting some ideas together about what your idea fitness program will look like! 

Take a look at the feedback from our clients. 

I went in to meet with Doug the first week of January. I'm 45 and I wanted to start feeling better and drop some lbs. He got me on a great plan. I worked with him twice a week for about 3 months. I feel better than I have in 10 years. My energy level is so much higher than it was. Even after I finished our sessions, he wrote up a plan I can easily do at home. Highly recommended.

- Pro Balanced Wellness Client 


Doug has been awesome to work with the last 3 months for personal training. I got to a point in my life where I had enough of my own complaining and needed to take things to the next level. Doug has pushed me mentally and physically throughout the process. If I need additional help outside of our scheduled sessions, I can reach out to him and he responds within that day. I look forward to the next 3 months with him and what I can accomplish with his guidance. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a life style change.

- Pro Balanced Wellness Client 


I've been going to Pro Balanced Wellness since January, both for personal training and massage. 6.5 months on I am still a very happy client. Doug is professional, up-beat and motivating. He has the knowledge and the ability to transfer that knowledge to his clients. He customizes each workout to support individual goals. If you're tired of big box, one-size-fits-all type "personal training," Doug Yanessa is the personal trainer for you.

- Pro Balanced Wellness Client


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