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Meet The Team

We are a team of motivated Personal Trainers in Kennesaw who want to empower the people of our community to not only reach their fitness goals, but live a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life. 

Doug Yannessa

Doug has been a fitness professional for over 15 years through NASM. With a background in massage therapy and corrective exercise finding unique ways to make people stronger through optimal flexibility training is his passion. Opening up Pro Balanced Wellness in 2014 was a big milestone, a place where clients can feel comfortable and safe during effective exercise programs! 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Grace is a fitness instructor and dancer based in the Kennesaw area. In May of 2022, Grace graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. During her time at KSU, she found her passion in fitness while cross-training. She started in the fitness industry as a Zumba instructor. 

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