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Meet The Team

Custom Programs that produce healthier and happier lives.

We are a team of motivated fitness professionals who want to empower the people of Kennesaw to not only reach their fitness goals, but live a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life. 


Doug & Stephanie Yannessa

Doug has been a fitness professional for over 12 years through NASM. With a background in massage therapy and corrective exercise finding unique ways to make people stronger through optimal flexibility training is his passion. Doug is also a nutrition coach and currently working towards becoming a Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach. 

Stephanie is a Certified Pre and Post Natal Fitness Coach as well as an NASM certified personal trainer. Helping women be more comfortable in their bodies is her biggest passion. 

Dominic is not actually a fitness professional (well not yet) but he's our everything so he had to make the website! 

Our Story

Doug started Pro Balanced Wellness in 2013 to be a difference maker in the wellness industry. Having worked for studios and large companies who forgot the importance of client happiness was enough of a motivator to create Pro Balanced Wellness. Since 2013 we have had the honor of helping 1,000's of clients reach their fitness goals, live pain free through massage therapy, and feel more comfortable in their bodies. Being accepted as one of Kennesaw's longest standing studios is a huge honor, and we plan on protecting that status in every service. 

Our Amazing Fitness Pros

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